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Tom Martin Oct. 1, 2016

On behalf of Thomas Ward Martin at The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC In some marriages and relationships, the partners can find themselves having extremely emotional discussions about very serious issues. The parties may strongly disagree about the best choices to make at this time, and it can lead to lasting problems between the individuals.

Many of these disagreements remain minor issues that the individuals eventually find a way to resolve. They may decide to spend some time apart, but they know that they will be able to make things work out.

However, some couples may be unable to address the problems that they are having. The arguments may start to occur with more frequency, and they may begin to escalate. They may call the police and report an allegation of domestic violence, which can result in very serious consequences for the person accused.

In Colorado, when an individual is arrested for domestic violence, it might be possible for the accuser to have an order of protection entered. This means that the individual may have no contact of any kind with the victim. No phone calls, emails, text messages, in-person visits of any kind are allowed. The time frame of the order will depend on the circumstances of the situation.

In addition to the usual penalties that accompany a criminal conviction, such as jail time, fines and probation, a person convicted of a domestic violence-related offense may face other punishments as well. Those convicted of these types of crimes may be unable to own firearms, and could also have difficulty finding employment. Those who need to carry a weapon for work-related reasons could have their positions terminated.

These cases will often focus on the testimony of the two people in the dispute. Police will decide to believe one story, and this could have a wide-ranging impact upon the lives of everyone involved. The person accused may need to find a new place to live, and could also have less time with his or her children during the proceedings.

If the police come to your residence on a domestic violence call, you need to be extremely careful about your responses to their questions. You may want to try to convince them that you did not commit the acts that you have been accused of, but they can use anything that you say against you.

Should you be arrested, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to immediately begin building a defense that protects your rights. You will be able to discuss the situation to learn more about the process, and also the potential penalties that may be handed down if you are convicted.