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How We Fight Drug Charges

The Law Offices of Thomas W. Martin, LLC  Aug. 25, 2023

Drug Crimes

Due to the "law and order" mentality that has taken over our government, the war on drugs has often meant a war on people's rights and a war on the disadvantaged. At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, we vigorously protect the rights of those charged in criminal drug cases throughout Northern Colorado.

How Our Firm Fights Drug Charges

Challenging probable cause, illegal searches and seizures and the constitutional legality of various police interrogation techniques, we put the prosecution on defense. Especially in car stops and so-called "knock and talk" cases where police "just happen" to stumble across drugs in possession of clients, we carefully demonstrate the lack of reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and inconsistencies in police reports and police testimony.

If you've been charged with a drug offense, reach out to our law firm in Fort Collins today. We will protect your rights and accompany you during any interviews, searches or questioning by the authorities.

Experience Defending An Array Of Drug Charges

Our law firm provides criminal defense representation for clients charged with the following:

  • Narcotics smuggling or trafficking

  • Production of methamphetamine

  • Distribution of narcotics

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine or heroin

  • Growing marijuana

Protecting Your Property After You've Been Charged

Federal and state law allows law enforcement officers to seize any assets they allege have been used to "facilitate" illicit drug activity. That means you could lose your home, car, bank accounts, or other property should prosecutors decide it would be an effective means of depriving you of much-needed resources to mount your defense.

We fight property grabs by overzealous prosecutors and federal agents obsessed with lording their power over those charged in drug crimes. Our office is prepared to issue a stay of relief until your case is resolved, putting prosecutors on notice that you can't be intimidated or coerced into making a plea bargain just to satisfy them.

We Treats Clients Like Individuals, Not Problems

While drug use is to be condemned, the people most often prosecuted and jailed for violating drug laws are the poor and disenfranchised — not the connected and moneyed interests who make the drugs available in the first place. As a drug crime defense attorney, Thomas W. Martin fights to give clients a second chance, to ensure they don't fall victim to a criminal court system that is more interested in removing them from society than helping them.


For a thorough and aggressive criminal drug defense lawyer, get in touch with The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, today by calling or emailing. Regardless of the case against you, we can help.