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At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, you'll receive dedicated, experienced criminal defense representation from attorney Thomas Martin.

Our firm provides committed defense counsel for numerous types of criminal offenses, from theft, burglary and general felonies to traffic offenses, misdemeanors, assaults and domestic violence. If you have been arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine or cocaine or for growing marijuana, you face extremely harsh potential penalties. Don't face the challenges ahead alone.

Get The Facts, Make A Plan

It is extremely important that you consult with a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. Attorney Thomas Martin will examine your case and present you with as many options as possible. Whether we decide to accept a plea bargain or we proceed to trial, our firm will work tirelessly to protect your rights and defend you every step of the way.

Tell Us What Happened

At our firm, we believe that every client deserves a strong defense and the best shot at a productive future. We can provide an effective legal strategy for any situation, from white-collar crimes to charges of crimes involving violence or an arrest for driving while intoxicated. We will listen without judgment and use the facts of the case to build the best possible strategy for you.

Can I Keep My Case Private?

Record sealing and expungement are terms you might hear with regard to your criminal defense case.

Sealing criminal records prevents a third party from examining the details of your case. This is only available if your case has been dismissed, for example, after completing a deferred judgment or being declared not guilty at trial.

Expungement applies only to juvenile delinquency records. Expunged records are treated as if they never existed.

Sealing or expunging records prohibits colleges, employers, landlords, banks or the public from accessing your records. To seal or expunge records, a separate civil action must be filed. For more information, and to see if your criminal records are eligible to be expunged, contact The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, today.

As part of our criminal defense practice, we act as legal representative at bail hearings and parole and probation violation court appearances.

Don't Give Up Hope

Everybody deserves committed representation when facing criminal charges. Whether the charge involves a misdemeanor or a felony, and whether the accused is an adult or a minor, everybody deserves a chance to protect his or her future. You have nothing to lose by coming in for a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call for astute legal advice about your situation. You can also use our online form to get in touch.