Driving Under Suspension

Driving Under Suspension And Its Effects

Losing driving privileges can cut off the lifeline of anyone who must drive to get to work and make a living — or care for family members or fulfill other essential roles in life. Many people fear losing their driver's licenses more than other consequences of a DUI arrest.

For this reason, it is urgent to get legal counsel and representation right away after a DUI arrest. At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, we are ready to help you try to preserve or recover your driving privileges despite drunk driving charges.

DUI charges are not the only way to lose driving privileges in Colorado, as you may be well aware. You may need help preventing suspension or revocation of your driver's license because you racked up too many unpaid parking tickets or failed to pay child support. You may need a lawyer's help to pursue driver's license reinstatement after a car accident or similar incident in traffic that resulted in one too many traffic tickets.

License Reinstatement After Driving With A Suspended License

For some people, the temptation to drive after a driver's license suspension becomes too strong. You may have convinced yourself that you would drive extra carefully to avoid any problems after having your driver's license suspended — only to meet up with trouble when you were stopped by police or were involved in an accident. Driving under suspension can lead to a more serious situation: driver's license revocation. To maximize your options for recovering your driving privileges, speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been charged with driving with a suspended license.

Whatever your circumstances that have put your driving privileges at risk, get in touch with The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, to schedule a consultation. Learn how we can advocate for you at driver's license revocation proceedings. Our firm can help you explore various options for recovery of your driving privileges, depending on your unique situation.

You May Need A Lawyer's Help To Reinstate Your Driver's License

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