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Manufacturing, Distribution And Trafficking

Colorado district attorneys aggressively prosecute felony drug manufacturing, distribution and trafficking charges. If you are facing one of these charges, you need guidance and representation from a criminal defense lawyer who routinely handles these complex cases — not from an attorney who only dabbles in criminal defense.

A Tough Defender For A Serious Charge

At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, we aggressively defend individuals charged with manufacturing, or "cooking" methamphetamines in meth labs, producing Ecstasy and trafficking or selling cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy and meth. With more than 10 years of experience handling complex criminal cases, we understand the serious consequences you may be facing, and can help protect your future in the face of these charges.

Challenging The Prosecution Every Step Of The Way

If you've been charged with drug manufacturing, you need a strong advocate on your side who knows the tactics the prosecution will use, and will work every angle of your case to protect your future. Manufacturing charges can involve more than just the drugs themselves— meth, cocaine, heroin or Ecstasy— but can also arise if you've been found in possession of precursor chemicals or equipment used in drug manufacturing processes. In this case, prosecutors must show that you had the intent to manufacture the drug.

Possession Charges Can Overlap With Trafficking

If you are found with drugs in your possession and the officer believes that you had them with the intent to sell, you can be charged with drug trafficking. For example, you may be charged with trafficking if:

You were in possession of a large volume of drugs
You were carrying a great deal of cash in addition to the drugs

Drug trafficking charges also apply to pharmaceutical drugs. If you are facing this felony charge, you need a committed attorney on your side who will fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome in your case.

Our Approach To Drug Cases

Our firm conducts thorough case evaluations when developing defense strategies. We understand that even where the facts of a case may present difficulties, there are always options for treatment and sentencing to help you get through the legal system and on with your life.

We also understand that your charges may be the result of a social, romantic or family relationship with an individual involved in drug trafficking. We can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, we are committed to protecting your rights and future.

Get More Information

If you're facing drug charges, it's essential that you seek immediate counsel from a lawyer experienced in these matters. Our firm offers free initial consultations. Use our email form to schedule an appointment, or call us.