Financial Crimes

Convictions for misdemeanor and felony financial crimes can be devastating to your career, reputation and future. At The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, we understand the serious social and financial consequences you may be facing. Attorney Thomas W. Martin has more than 10 years of experience providing criminal defense representation, handling a wide range of complex cases.

Don't Let A Financial Crime Charge Sink Your Career

As a experienced defense attorney, Thomas W. Martin provides detailed information to help you make informed decisions at every stage after you've been charged with a crime. Our firm will go through an advisement of your rights, discuss the charges that have been filed against you, and then outline all possible direct and indirect consequences.

Our law firm includes guidance and aggressive representation for all types of financial crimes, including:

  • Identity theft/criminal impersonation: Using someone else's name for any purpose without permission
  • Theft: Taking someone else's property
  • Credit card fraud: Theft, misuse or unauthorized use of credit cards or credit card information
  • Bank fraud: Theft, misuse or unauthorized use of another person's bank account or banking information
  • Forgery and counterfeiting: Signing another person's name on documents and printing false documents.

The Amount Of Money In Question Plays A Role

Theft charges can be considered one of the most serious types of crime based solely on the amount stolen. However, a pattern of behavior or a crime spree can be classified as a felony if separate and distinct, but related, criminal acts add up to more than the felony threshold of $1,000.

Felony convictions carry strict sentencing guidelines and harsher penalties than misdemeanors. Depending on your situation, you could be facing prison, as well as the loss of your job, career and reputation. Our firm is committed to helping protect your rights and minimize your consequences.

Protect Your Future And Reputation

White collar crime charges require a swift response from an experienced lawyer. We offer free initial consultations to all new clients. Call our office today for a candid evaluation of your situation. You can also contact us via email.