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Forgery and Counterfeiting

If you are charged with forgery or counterfeiting, you are likely facing felony charges, which carry substantial consequences. Depending on your situation, you could be facing a prison sentence, restitution and other penalties. Additionally, convictions for crimes involving dishonesty can complicate your ability to get a job, secure a loan or affect your reputation in the community.

The Advantage Of Experience

At our law firm in Fort Collins, Colorado, attorney Thomas W. Martin brings more than 10 years of criminal defense experience. This extensive experience enables him to evaluate complicated forgery and counterfeiting cases. Our firm understands how these felony charges are often linked to drug dependency and white-collar crimes. We take an aggressive approach to help protect your rights, your reputation and your future.

There Are Ways To Fight Forgery And Counterfeiting Charges

Signing someone else's name to a check or financial document to obtain funds is considered check fraud or check forgery. Our firm understands that law enforcement personnel often overstep their boundaries in their pursuit of evidence for criminal charges. If we discover that your constitutional rights were violated, we will fight hard to have evidence suppressed and charges dismissed. We evaluate all cases for:

  • Probable cause

  • Proper search and seizure

  • Legal search warrants

Our law firm conducts thorough, detailed investigations into our clients' cases. We consult with industry experts, whose testimony can help support your defense. We understand that mistakes can be made during police investigations, so we follow up with all allegations made by police and the district attorney's office.

Do You Have To Pay The Money Back?

One of the most important questions with any forgery, counterfeiting or financial crimes case can be the question of restitution: Specifically, who should pay and how much restitution might be properly ordered. Sometimes, prosecutors will try to have the court hold a defendant responsible for the criminal acts of another person when the law might not allow that.

Our firm can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. and ensure that restitution is severely limited.


If you are facing forgery or counterfeiting charges, you need a lawyer with experience defending charges of financial crime. There is no risk to seeking information: we offer free initial consultations to all new clients. Call to discuss your situation.