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Family Law Attorney In Fort Collins

When the law and personal relationships intersect, a family law attorney can help you find and implement practical legal solutions. Family law attorney Lisa Grimes practices with The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC. Our firm understands that family law matters can be a source of stress and worry. Our goal in advising and representing clients in Fort Collins and across Northern Colorado in family law matters is to help each client find practical, cost-effective solutions.

Navigating The Challenges Of Divorce

The end of a marriage can unfold in many ways, ranging from amicable to bitterly contested, and breakups of short-term to decades-long marriages. When a couple breaks up, every asset of that marriage must be accounted for and divided in a settlement. In some cases, the spouse with more money may have to provide financial support for the other spouse after the divorce.

When a divorcing couple shares children, the terms of a divorce will also specify which parent the children will live with and when. Parents will also need to determine the specifics of how each parent will contribute to support the needs of the children. Divorcing couples also need a clear plan as to how child care duties will be shared. As an experienced family law attorney, attorney Lisa Grimes can help with these challenges, whether you choose to divorce in a traditional manner or opt for a more cooperative approach like mediation. Even after a divorce is complete, she can help seek to change the terms of the agreement later down the line if life circumstances change.

Help For Nontraditional Or Extended Families

Divorce is a major part of my family law practice, but it is not the only part. We can help to put legal protections in place if you decide to live with a domestic partner. Or, if you are separating from a long-term relationship where you were never married, we can help to protect your rights as you move forward into a new phase of life. We can also help clarify the rights of grandparents who may be looking for greater influence in a grandchild's life. Or maybe you're a stepparent looking to adopt your spouse's children. Whatever situation you face as your family moves through a transition, we can help provide clarity and facilitate the process.


To speak with a lawyer about a divorce or other family law issue, call our law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our firm serves Northern Colorado communities, including Loveland, Greeley and Fort Collins.
Spanish interpretation services are available if requested in advance. (Servicios de interpretación español están disponibles si se solicita con antelación.)