Alternative Methods

Collaborative Law Attorney Serving Northern Colorado

One of the worst parts about divorce can be the public airing of private matters in a courtroom. Especially when either spouse is a public figure, this process can be damaging. Even for "ordinary people," it is often a bad idea to put private family decisions in the hands of a judge who is unfamiliar with a particular family.

For these and other reasons, many family law clients of The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, find alternative methods of property division and child custody negotiations preferable. Through divorce mediation or collaborative law methods, a couple can take responsibility for — and take charge of — decisions that will have a strong impact on their and their children's lives for many years.

What Are The Benefits Of Collaborative Law?

We wholeheartedly support clients' efforts to keep their domestic matters as private and practical as possible. Our Fort Collins collaborative law attorney represents clients in mediation as well as in collaborative law processes. Advantages of these methods include:

  • Resolution of disputes in a manner appropriate to your family's circumstances and goals
  • Efficient dispute resolution
  • No need for litigation, including endless motions and counter motions
  • Clear explanation of goals and processes at every step
  • Mediation or collaborative law methods may or may not save money over traditional divorce methods.

Overall, however, many couples find that they waste less time, money and aggravation resolving questions about where children will live, how property and assets get divided and financial fairness for each spouse when they do so through mediation or collaborative law.

Give Respectful Communication A Chance

We offer free initial consultations to all new clients. To discuss if collaborative law might be a good fit for your situation, call a lawyer at our firm or send us an email.

Spanish interpretation services are available if requested in advance. Our office is not regularly staffed with bilingual associates, but arrangements can be made. (Servicios de interpretación español están disponibles si se solicita con antelación. En nuestra oficina no es regular que cuentan con personal bilingüe, pero los arreglos se pueden hacer.)