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Child Support Attorney In Fort Collins

When parents are separated or divorced, legal provisions for child support obligations are intended to protect children's best interests above all. While your questions are practical ("What will I have to pay and when?" or "When will I receive child support and how much?"), the perspective of the law is farther reaching than these immediate issues imply. Ideally, child support should be fair and should ensure that the household where a child lives will have enough resources to care for the child.

How Will Child Custody Affect Child Support?

Consider your child's entire growing-up period as you approach the closely interwoven subjects of where your child will live and who will pay for his or her care. What is reasonable and workable when your child is very small may not be viable once he or she is a teenager. Work closely with a reliable, experienced attorney at The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, in order to be informed and make the right decisions for your family's situation.

Determining amounts of child support is basically formulaic in most cases. Your and the other parent's income will figure into the calculations, as will the number of nights that the child spends with each parent. Child custody and child support do affect each other. It is important to understand practical matters such as the impact of child custody on child support obligations — and the possibly disastrous consequences of failing to meet child support obligations.

Some parents approaching divorce believe they can negotiate a fair and equitable custody and support plan on their own, without a lawyer's involvement. However, many fall into difficult circumstances when there is disagreement between the parents. They also often fail to get proper legal advice at opportune times. Child support orders can be modified as incomes rise and fall.

Establish Financial Security For Your Children

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