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Allocation Of Parental Responsibilities In Family Law Disputes

Whether married, separated, divorced or never married, parents have rights and responsibilities for their children. When parents are not married to each other, questions of allocation of parental responsibilities enter into society's concerns as well as private family matters.

Navigating Co-Parenting Issues

A frank discussion with attorney Lisa Grimes at The Law Office of Thomas W. Martin, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, can give you an idea of what to expect as you approach a family dispute with regard to:

  • Where your children will live

  • Who will pay for your children's care

  • The right to make legal decisions for your children, such as choice of a family doctor or enrollment in summer camp programs

  • Religious education

The rights and responsibilities of parents change as a child matures. Matters of great importance during babyhood and toddler days will give way to very different decisions and needs during school years and teenage years of a son or daughter.

Avoiding Conflict When Parents Separate

If you and your child's other parent are not married to each other or are in the midst of a marital separation or divorce, an experienced child custody lawyer can help you navigate the negotiations regarding your child's health and well-being. You may be a grandparent who is assuming a parental role and need advice. Examples of questions to consider are:

  • Will a baby be breast-fed, and if so, what arrangements will be made for when the mother is not present?

  • What about health insurance for the child? How will parents allocate responsibilities related to health care in general?

  • Will a child be enrolled in a private school, take music lessons, have private tutors or otherwise obtain appropriate education? Which parent(s) will attend parent-teacher conferences?

  • Will a child be allowed to fly long distances unaccompanied?

  • Will a preteen need braces — and which parent will pay for these?

  • When will a teenager be allowed to start driving, and which parent will provide driving practice, a car and insurance?

Get Grounded Legal Perspective On Emotional Issues

We are proud to serve all clients across Northern Colorado who are dealing with these often- emotional family matters. Our firm offers free initial consultations to all new clients. Call us today to discuss your situation.

Spanish interpretation services are available if requested in advance. Our office is not regularly staffed with bilingual associates, but arrangements can be made. (Servicios de interpretación español están disponibles si se solicita con antelación. En nuestra oficina no es regular que cuentan con personal bilingüe, pero los arreglos se pueden hacer.)